Specialties: CrossFit Lv1 Trainer; USA Weightlifting Lv1 Coach

I’ve always loved being active, but it wasn’t until 2014 when I found Functional Fitness that I truly began feeling like an athlete. The combination of metabolic conditioning and weightlifting transformed me not only physically but also mentally. I’ve shed many negative feelings and habits which has allowed me to discover my passions - for wellness, our gym family, and coaching. Coaching others is something that I consider an incredible privilege. I know from personal experience what a good coach can do. Formal training combined with a lot of practice on myself and some coaching to others has helped me to develop my knowledge around the fundamentals of movement and nutrition. As a coach, I believe in the power of supportive challenge; recognizing where you are and helping you to grow. My goal is to share my knowledge, my passions, to listen and to support you.