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Specialties: USA Weightlifting Lv. 1

Literally growing up at a beach gym in Clearwater, FL(aptly named "TBT") and training with pro wrestlers, physique models, and personal trainers, physical fitness has been ingrained in my blood from a very early age. I always knew at some point, fitness training would be a part of my life!

After a "career" in hockey and some time in the military, the realties of married life and fatherhood caught up and dadbod was in full effect. 

Eventually I obtained my CPT through ISSA and began some part time personal training. Not fully satisfied with my own fitness and nutrition, I joined Spartan Fitness/Crossfit LJE and fell in love with the "functional fitness" lifestyle. Less than a year later, we found ourselves purchasing the equipment and starting our own gym!

Heavy weights, lots of burpees, and intentional eating is my recipe for a long, healthy life.